Questions Welcome


So, after spending some time with friends in the Lower 48, I got hit with questions that took me by surprise.  Sharing those questions with some folks on the flight back to Alaska, it became kind of a comical trend.  We realized that the perception of Alaska is strikingly different from person to person — sometimes with comical results, and sometimes with results that miss how comical it can be to live up here.

For instance …
No, I have not eaten Penguin Meat, it is not typically part of the Alaskan diet because the only Penguins you will find here are in the zoo.
Moose meat, however, is a different story … and yes, the police have ticketed people for shooting them from the road.
Yes we do have Starbucks, but they aren’t as good as the hundred other coffee places around.
I don’t live in an igloo, where would I keep the coffee if I did.

So that is just the start.

Good news is, these questions become good blog posts.  I have plans for a few posts based on suggestions, but of course, I know what I know and don’t know what you might be asking.

So … consider this the call for questions …

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT ALASKA, SEND IT TO ME.  I’ll answer any question; and if I find it blog worthy I’ll make it into a blog … and give you the kudos.

You can send the questions by however you come across the blog (Facebook, LinkedIn, Comments left on WordPress), or you can get a hold of me thought any other normal means, like e-mail, phone, text, post cards strapped to the back of sled dogs.

So consider this open season, and have at it.


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