Bunny Count: September 2013


Hope you’re ready for one of the most pathetic bunny counts I have had since coming to Alaska.

Here we go for the data on October 2013:

Bunnies: 0
Bears: 0
Moose: 0
Arctic Fox: 1

Attempts to Leave Town to go Camping: 2
Attempts Successful: 0

Actual Current Daylight: 11 hours 22 minutes 24 seconds
Daylight Lost in September: 2 hours 50 minutes 16 seconds

Days with Snow: 1
Days with “Official” Snow: 0

SO … why is this bunny count so pathetic you ask?

Days without  Rain/Fog/Snowish: 9

Days spent on the North Slope: 8
Days almost stuck behind a Rig: 1
Prime Rib Days on the Slope: 1

Number of non-work days (weekends, etc) that I did work stuff: 6 (out of 11)

Number of days spent watching football (NFL, College, Australian Rules): 14

Hours Logged on the new Grand Theft Auto V (which is awesome by the way): 10

Days my formally half-ass got further away from that former fat-assitude: 30

So that your bunny count isn’t completely pathetic, I leave you with:

Number of RVs purchased: 1
Number of Years Old Said RV is: 35
Number of Aptly Given Nicknames of said RV stolen from someone who was also Aptly named as such: 1
Aptly Given Nickname of the RV: The Struggle Bus

Days until I judge my first Marching Band show in 2 years: 11

Days until the Anchorage Curling Club season opening Open House: 18


So in summary:

Times I got killed by Bunnies, Bears, Foxes, Fat-Asses, Old RVs, Not-Snow, and Football: 0
Times I got killed in Grand Theft Auto V:  37 and counting


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