Bunny Count: August


Let’s start with the big number:

Number of Doggies Named Auggie turning 1 year old today: 1
Number of Doggies Named Auggie having to be put in a time-out on his birthday for being too rowdy about his new squirrel toy: 1

Now the rest of the bunny count — for the record, all of this is “in the wild”, I visited two zoos, an aquarium, and a wildlife center; “behind bars” is not “bunny count worthy”:

Bunnies: 0
Angry Beavers: 1
Caribou: 11
Caribou blocking traffic:
Dall Sheep: 15
Prairie Squirrels: 4
Grizzly Bears: 3
Moose: 2
Short Eared Owl: 1
Sea Otters: 19
Bald Eagles: 1
Harbor Seals: Lost count at 100
Sterling Sea Lions: Lost count at 50
Humpback Whales: 2

Lifetime (In Alaska) Counts:
Bears: 6 – Doubled this month
Whales: 3 – Tripled this month

Days Spent with Family: 8
Days Spent in Lower 48: 10
Days Spent in the Office: 5
Days Spent Attempting to Camp: 1
Days Spent Hanging on the Couch with the Pup Watching Sports: 6

Current hours of Daylight: 14 Hours 12 Minutes
Daylight Lost in August: 2 hr 51 minutes

Days with Rain: 24
Total Rainfall: 4.95 inches (that’s a lot by the way)
Average Aug Rainfall: 4.85 inches (that’s scarey by the way)

“Miles” Walked in July: 20.89
Total Miles in 2013: 311.11
Miles to Go to Valdez: 0  .. made it!!

Number of times killed by bears, whales, camping, rain, miles, or the lower 48: 0


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