Rain Or Shine … Maybe


Summer is almost over, and it’s time to cram in that one last push to try to be that rough cut outdoorsman that I thought I was when I moved to Alaska.  It’s Labor Day weekend, meaning the perfect chance to take a day of vacation and turning a weekend into 4 days.

The plan, for the last few weeks, simply was to load the car up with camping supplies, food, drink, firewood, and a doggie named Auggie – then hit the open road of Alaska.  In a perfect setting, I would make a run up to Denali on the Parks Highway, take the legendary rough Denali Highway to Glennallen, drive down the Richardson Highway to visit picturesque Valdez, then make the 305 mile drive back to Anchorage along the Glenn Highway.  Because I will be camping, the point would be to make as little plans as possible and just set things up where I need to stop.

I haven’t even begun to leave, and I am trying to back out.  The plan started with departing tonight right after work.  Well – that isn’t going to happen.  For one thing, my laziness put me behind in having laundry for the trip, and since I am packing as much for the pup as myself I have some work ahead of me.

Then of course, I HAD to look at the weather report.  For the first leg, there is a good chance of rain.  Like, really good chance.  Then it’s also supposed to get cold.  Closer to the Alaskan Mountains, they expect snow to reach lower elevations.  There isn’t alot of sun planned for this weekend further along, suggesting what rain comes down will linger as wet/cold.  Remembering back to the camping we did over the 4th of July, I am not looking forward to looking into those sad puppy dog eyes shivering in the wet.

But dangit, I am not going to wait 8 months to try to get one last shot in at seeing this state.

So … Rain or Shine … we are hitting the road.  Whether or not it hits back, we will see.


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