Let me just say …


I’ve got a lot to tell you about.  This week, as I mentioned last week, I spent as a tourist around Alaska.  I’m not about to spoil the trip by just blogging up a big old summary.  Instead, I am going to promise you the moon.  The weeks to come I am going to be on the road down to the Lower 48, which means my Alaska news will be thin.  But the last week will give me enough to take care of your Alaskan hunger.

So that you know what I did (and to hem myself into what I need to blog about in hindsight), here is a list:

  • Denali National Park Road to the End
  • Second Salmon Fishing Adventure out of Seward
  • The Drive along the Parks & Seward Highways
  • Kenai Fjords
  • Seward Sealife Center

And if I have time, I will fill in on some thoughts of Tourism and Safety — and a few other hints and thoughts on coming up this way.

But in short, this has been a great week and will need to recover for at least a day.


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