Bunny Count: July


Happy Bunny Count Everyone

This Months Bunny Count is a winner:

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 4
Angry Beavers 2
Mountain Goats: 6
Porpoise (or Porpii): 4
Jelly Fish: 5
Sea Otters: 1
Whale: 1 (my first ever)
Bald Eagle: 1
Fish Flies in Dubuque, Iowa:  A Gazillion
Bears: 0

Days in a Row Above 70°F: 15 (The longest streak in Anchorage History)
Days Temperature Exceeded Normal High: 19
Average July Rainfall for Anchorage: 1.90″
Actual July Rainfall Rainfall: 0.67″
Rainfall during 3 Days of Camping: 0.31″

Salmon Caught: 3
Salmon Eaten: Loads
Salmon Eaten by Auggie the Doggie: Loads plus some

Visitors at the Bear Den: 4
Visitors Welcomed Back if they clean like they did when they were here: 4

Old RVs Driven: 1
Rainy Camping Nights “Braved” Out in an Old RV: 2
Orange Barrels Hit: 0

Weekends Spent Outside of Alaska: 1
Last time I spent any time outside of Alaska:  November
Little Metal Triangles Picked Up on that trip that all of a sudden means an awful lot to me:  3

“Miles” Walked in July: 52.33
Total Miles in 2013: 282.82
Miles to Go to Valdez: 22.18
Average Daily Miles needed to “Reach Valdez” by Labor Day: 0.67
Number of times “Touching Uranus” while walking: 2

Times Killed by Bunnies, Bears, Mountain Goats, Visitors, RVs, Orange Barrels or Uranus: 0


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