Shut Up About the Weather


On the way to work this morning, the radio talking head summed up life in Anchorage these last few days when he said:

“If you are one of those people sleeping in an air conditioned house who comes in and brags you only need 3 hours a sleep a night – well you can just Shut Up!”

All across town you can find bloodshot eyes and drooping energy.  We as a city are not getting much sleep, and the heat is to blame.  If this blog, this would be just another page in the “Misery Loves Attention” chapter.  Because you know what?  It sucks when its hot.

I’m not talking “Why did anyone move south of Nebraska” hot, I am talking Alaska hot.

Yesterday, highs were in the 70s lows were in the 60s; and the humidity stuck out just around the 50-70% mark at different times during he day.  Now, I get that 99% of you reading this are probably saying “Whoopdie Do, that sounds like a comfortable night out on the town.”

Well, y’all can Whoopdie Do yourself right on off there, because this is hot.

There’s a lot in play out of the ordinary for us that makes this a bit more oppressive than we like.  For one, Anchorage usually gets a nice wind, and lately we haven’t.  Usually if its not raining, the humidity is a nicely manageable dryness, lately it’s not.  So we get the humidity in the “hot for Alaska”, we live in houses without air condition with no wind moving through, and because the sun is out 18 hours a day it doesn’t let up very much.  If this keeps up a few more days, we will all be staring in a zombie movie soon.

That should break in the coming days.  Quite simply because, I have visitors coming.  One of the greatest geocachers in the world, Barondriver (yes, THE Barondriver) ticks off Alaska with a visit to our great state, so I’ll get to see him.  Of bigger news, my parents, my brother, and my wee nephew arrive Friday night to spend a week living the life.

Which that would be good new for you the reader, since I probably will have interesting things to talk about that aren’t related to the weather.




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