Rained on Glerum’s Parade


The change in the weather is thanks to the Glerums. Since the last snowfall on May 20th, Anchorage baked in a warm buggy summer. We saw days in the 80’s and blue skies enough to suggest global warming’s arrival. One day we got spits of rain. Another day it was overcast for the afternoon. One morning a creepy fog rolled over the city. The other 40 days it was sunny and B E A Utiful.

On Thursday night the clouds rolled in just about the time my old drum corps friend Mary Glerum, her husband Shawn, and their kids Nate & Grace landed at the airport. We haven’t seen sun since. If its rained, I didn’t see it but it walks the line all the time. It is expected to rain most of this week. They got to see glimpses of Mountains yesterday and some today. With plans for Girdwood the next 3 days we can only hope things get clearer for them to “see” Alaska.

Their visit did mean the christening of the bear den for guests. I finished the bedroom, complete with closet doors (upside down closet doors), with 45 minutes to spare. It was, of course, given a name – The Brad Barns Throwdown Emporium – intended as an open invitation to get out mutual friend (yes I am friends with THE Brad Barnes) up to Alaska to visit. They are actually starting their 2nd week if vacation, so this weekend was more of a recharge weekend. The highlight was a nice dinner of grilled salmon and lots of sparkling mead (HEAVY on the mead) and good conversation with the Glerums and Ryan & Melissa Morse (Ryan & Mary are related and Mary hooked me up with the Morses when I got to Alaska).

So they vacation on, and I go back to work to work tomorrow. I hope the weather clears for their sake, but if the rain and winds does something about these Mosquitos then I am kinda okay with that.


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