Summer of Anniversaries


Summer has arrived, and like most of y’all I have my summer plans.  They don’t sound as exciting as they did last year (I mean, my summer plans last year included going to Germany, visiting Gettysburg, hiking in Appalachia, and … oh yeah .. moving to Alaska), but they still have some depth to them.

As I thought about the summer to come, it just seemed to be loads of anniversaries to come, best I can count:

One 150th anniversary
One 50th anniversary
One 20th anniversary (actually, seems like a whole summer of 20th Anniversaries)
Whole bunch of first anniversaries.

Some of it is going to be obvious, like .. I don’t know …  a year since moving to Alaska.  Some of it is going to be cute, like a pup’s first birthday.  Some of it is going to bring me back to see friends.  Some of it is going to make me remember days gone by.

I remember at the start of last summer excited about what the future was going to bring.  I am not thinking like that to start this one, only excited to remember what was.


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