Skeeter Madness


Where you are at, it might get bad.  It might get to be annoying or chase you from cool places.  You may even call it the state bird.  In Anchorage, Mosquitos make front page news.

Alaska has had a magnificent run of good weather.  Since the last snow day (May 19th), we have had only one day where the weather was a touch of grey for a little bit.  Otherwise, we’ve seen sun sun sun and a little more sun.  It’s typical for June to be the best weather month, before rains start becoming more of a habit later in summer, but this is a remarkable run.  It’s even “Hot” today – breaking a record high.  The heat is a trend that even broke all time records around the state, including Talkeetna who’s high on Sunday of 91° was a temperature reached only twice before in recorded history and was an all time high, until it was beaten on Monday, by another 6°.

The heat has been something that we just accept it seems; it comes with the great sunshine and long days.  No one seems to be complaining about the heat at all.

We are too busy complaining about the Mosquitos.  I was noticing it the last couple of weeks, and I chatted with some folk about it when we were in the middle of being eaten alive; but then it came up over and over everywhere I went.  Every bug prevention thing out there is running short.  There are propane burning mosquito killers that, while stupid expensive, are really effective.  According to the paper, those are in really short supply — the three Wal-Marts in town report they have in stock one of those things, and its broke.

It turns out, we can blame last Autumn for this.  It rained loads in August & September, I am sure I complained about it back then, which was perfect for mosquito breeding, then the colds of October came and protected the buggy eggs.  Add the great weather, with little wind, and we got a blood sucker fest.

My house is short of screens, so there are more than a few of the bugs flying around the house.  Auggie seems to have more than a few bug bites everyday when I get home.  And I have to put more than a few layers of bug spray on me just to mow the lawn.

But I guess this is the price of great weather too.


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