I Shall Call Him Marty


I was running late to work today, but it took me longer than normal to get in.  I was driving up 76th Avenue, a fairly busy street, to a main thoroughfare of C Street.  The guy a few cars ahead was slowing us all down, causing back-ups a few blocks back.  In a posted 35 mph zone, he wasn’t going much more than 10 mph …

because he was a Moose!

Not even an exaggeration.  I got slowed down heading to work because a Moose was wandering along 76th Ave, on the right side of the road mind you, just heading along without a care.  Except for maintain a respectable speed, he followed all other traffic rules, even stopping at C Street to wait for the green light & looking both ways before crossing the road. For the most part, no one honked or tried to get around him because I think, like me, we all just loved the novelty of it all.  After things got backed up further back, you can hear some drivers getting impatient, but I am sure it was hard for them to see the 10 foot tall bump in the road.

I think I know this moose.  He’s basically our neighborhood bull.  It’s hard to tell since they all look the same except for the antlers, which fall off in the winter anyway, but there isn’t many places for a big moose pack to hang out at nearby.  So this one maybe the only bull in the immediate area.  If so, he would be the one I saw munching on a tree when I came looking for a house here.  Would be the same one that left a foot trail across my front lawn.  The same one leaving piles of nuggets on the bike path at the end of the street.

Regardless, I’ve taken to calling him Marty … because naming something means you have a connection with something.  Marty our Taku-Campbell Neighborhood Moose.



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