Bunny Count: May


For you Facebook & LinkedIn readers, you can stop by bearfeed.net to find out more about this blog and send it direct to your e-mail.  It even explains what the heck a “bunny count” is.  But enough with that, because it’s time for May’s Bunny Count.

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 4 (including one baby Moose)
Beavers, Angry: 1
Muskrat (I think): 1

Snow Fall: 1.3 inches
Total Snow Fall: 94.0 inches (since July 1, 2012)
Percent More Snow than Normal since Mar 1st: 37%
Departure in Snow Fall from Normal, Season: +19.5 inches (that’s a foot and a half more snow than normal … and we didn’t really get any thru late November)
Days above 70°F: 5

Sunrise May 1: 5:50AM
Sunrise June 1: 4:35 AM
Sunset May 1: 10:06
Sunset June 1: 11:21 PM
Total Daylight June 1st : 18 hours 45 minutes
Gain During May:2 hours 30 minutes
Total Time off “Civil Twilight” (Time it is actually dark), June 1st: 2 hours 44 minutes
Nights Slept on the North Slope: 2
Hours of Daylight when Visiting: 24

“Miles” Walked: 33.45
Total Miles in 2013: 173.07
Miles to Go to Valdez: 132.93
“Miles” Walked by May 18th, when I figured I realized I am sitting around too much: 5.5
Average Miles per Day May 19-31: 2.15

Camping Trips Attempted: 2
Nights Actually Camped: 0
Day Trips Out of Town: 2
Day Trips Ending Without a Puppy Getting Sick: 1

Deck Opening Grill Fun (including someone named “Strugglebus”): 1
Lilac Plants Planted: 7
Over Seeding Performed: 3

Number of Blog Posts This Month: 10 (it was one of my lightest blogging months)
Blogs Not Directly About the Weather: 3
Blogs Not Not about the Weather: 7
The Number of Blogs that seem to Not Not live off of a favorite double negative: 3 (“Not Daylight, Just Not Not Dark”, “Arctic Not Not Spring”, “Not Not Busy Not Not Hot Day”)

Number of times killed by the weather, the lack of night, camping trips, angry beavers, lilac plants, and not nots: 0


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