Not Not Busy Not Not Hot Day


One week after we got snow, today was practically hot today. It broke 70F (20C) today in Anchorage, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. The day was absolutely beautiful. Being Memorial Day weekend, I have 3 days off but chose not to go anywhere expecting every place around worth going was either packed with people or frozen. Knowing I needed to “summer-ize” the house I chose to stay home. Plus, I am big on non-traditional American sports, and this is traditionally the biggest traditional non-traditional sport weekend (Indy 500, Champions League Final, LaCrosse Championships, and more rugby than you scrum in a weekend).
My plan to avoid the crowds failed the moment I hit the garden and home improvement centers. Seems everyone in anchorage had something to do or plant around the house. I got half of what I needed and finished About half of what I wanted done.
I am struck with new hope about this growing season. In Kansas I had the same routine for 10 years — plant stuff in March, fight to get them to survive heavy rains in April/May, watch it all die in June/July/August due to the heat. Sure, my grass is still dormant and most of everything else is just now budding, but I don’t have to battle drought here. The old owner of the house was a little bit of a gardener, more about her rose plants, but still set me up with ideas to really turn the outside into something nice. The biggest thing I looked forward to about this house would be enjoying a yard, to walk around barefoot, to have green grass, to make the smells peaceful and happy. This weekend I make it happen.
But it’s a bit lazy too. I mentioned the sports, but the pup is a bit under the weather. He either has allergies or a cold, and at 4am I had to clean up after a bit of sick on my bed from him. So I watch him carefully while try to catch up on 4am wake up calls from a dog. The late day and early morning sun makes sleep interesting too. I mean, I type this at 10:40 with the setting sun still shining through the window. It will be midnight before its dark and that is just a brief respite.
But I need my rest so this half lazy almost got day comes to a close.
Night y’all.


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