First North, Then South


For Starters — Happy Mothers Day!  That goes to you Mom, and just as much to all you mothers out there.  I slowly get a new appreciation what y’all go through with a dog, and he’s probably a walk in the park compared to human boys like me.

The day was pretty uneventful around here.  I thought I would be able to report my Guest Bedroom (aka The Brad Barnes Memorial Throw-down Emporium) and it basically is, but some closet doors aren’t installed while I wait for some paint to dry.  But there is now a guest bed at least, so it’s unofficially open for business.  What I really spent the day doing was preparing for what better be an eventful week.

I leave tomorrow for my monthly rotation onto the slope.  This trip is neither quick or slow – fly up Monday morning at the crack of early, work Monday afternoon, all day (12 hours) Tuesday, and most the day Wednesday until I catch the late afternoon flight home.  It’s still winter there, they are going to get 6 inches of snow through my time there, and are in a winter storm warning – but Thursday is their first day that the sun doesn’t set (if you want crazy, the sun stays up an extra 40 minutes every day – they have a couple hours of night today, and by the end of the week it won’t set).

I get back on Wednesday, but not for long.  I am leaving either Thursday Night or Friday Morning for Homer, AK and a weekend of geocaching and cleaning up.  They call it the Hobo CITO (CITO is a geocaching term for “Cache In, Trash Out”).   We start off with camping just off downtown Homer, followed by cleanup of the city campground in the morning.  We then head north and stop off to do some clean-up along the western Kenai coast, before arriving in Soldotna for a clean-up and camp-out there.  Sunday we make our way back to the Turnagain Arm area, where the local Geocaching club cleans a portion of the highway.  Auggie is at the kennel right now for my slope trip, and I can’t bust him out until Thursday – we may just leave then and give him a whole weekend to do his first ever camping weekend.

So this week has me going way way north, followed by a way way south trip.  Should be interesting, that’s for sure.


2 thoughts on “First North, Then South

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