The Deck is Now Open


There is still snow on the ground, but the deck is now open for business.  Yep, May 9th … and it was finally nice enough, warm enough to hang out on the deck.  I invited a couple people over from Curling (because I guess the deck was once nominated as the drinking zone for crew).

The concept of hanging on the deck has been out there for ever since I moved in, but that was in October, just before the snow flew.  This week it is routinely in the 60’s and there is only a small portion of snow left on the ground (snow is still there, just not all that much anymore).  So we fired up the grill, cracked open a growler of Denali Beer, and grilled hippie food and pineapple.

The days will get warmer still, and we all start talk more and more about summer fun, like fishing, camping, hiking, geocaching, etc etc etc.  But the day to day summer fun starts with just hanging out.

And that’s that.


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