Bunny Count: April


With the beginning of a new month, its time for another Bunny Count.

All data is specific for the month of April

Bunnies Seen: 0
Moose Seen: 0
Bears Seen: 0
I know, right? Kinda a thin month

Snow Fall for Month, Inches: 16.0
Average Snowfall for April, Inches: 13.8
Difference between this April and Average April, Inches: ONLY 2.2???????  Come on!!! It’s April!!!
Snow Fall Season to Date, Inches: 97.7 (We could still break 100 inches.  Snow is forecast for this week and It is only … MAY??? COME ON!!!)

Kansas House Chimneys Removed: 1
Kansas House Replaced Dishwashers: 1
# of Plumber/Technician Visits to Install Dishwasher: 5
Number of AAA Batteries Needed to Relieve Realtor’s Panic: 3
Kansas House Sales Closed: 1 … Finally

“Miles” gained towards Valdez: 21.7
Total Miles in 2013: 139.63
Miles to Go to Valdez: 166.37
Elliptical Machines Purchased to Start Making This Go Faster: 1

Games Curled: 3
Games Curled Won: 0
Bonspiels: 1
All time Record in Bonspiels: 1-5
Average age of other team of most embarrassing loss: 5 (this may be inaccurate, they just seemed like they were that young)

Dangly Parts Remove From Dog: 2
Dangly Bits Noticed to be Missing By Dog: 0

Drives to Get Out Of Town: 2
Furthest Distance Pup Has Ridden: 220 miles
Number of Damned Gas Stations Between Wasilla and Talkeetna 2006: 0
Number of Damned Gas Stations Between Wasilla and Talkeetna NOW: 7

Number of times killed by Squirrels, Snow, Home Sales Documents, Curling Stones, Gas Stations, Dangly Bits: 0


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