100% Alaskan


I am no longer a Kansan Homeowner.  The sale of the house on Crestway Street in Wichita closed by lunchtime, finalizing the long long long long …. Long Long … LONG LONG LONG … long … … long …. long time since I started trying to sell it. 

From a more holistic standpoint, this was the last step in my transition from being 100% Kansas resident, from being part Kansas & part Alaskan resident, to now a full 100% Alaskan.  At least legally, 100% Alaskan (I think I  still have to eat whale blubber or catch a salmon using only my claws to be a recognized completely as Alaskan, I don’t know … they are sending me that memo I guess).

There are some final utility bills coming & I have to finalize the relocation package I got when I moved up here, but all documentation, all legal obligation, everything is wrapped up. 

It was a pretty sizeable pain to get that house sold.  In the end, I got a third less the price that I thought it would go for, and actually sold it at a loss compared to when I bought it back in 2001.  That’s not including the big money I put into fixing it up over the years, and the wheel barrels full of cash I had to throw at it the last 10 months to get a buyer & to pass inspections.

What really made this happen, though was some great help from great people.  During the run up to my move, friends like Deanna Brown & Jeremy Phillips pitched in to help with my to-do list the size of Florida.  After that, my realtor, Pam Peterson (Coldwell Banker – Yes I recommend her), jumped in and made the rest of it happen – way out weighing any kind of commission she got on the deal. 

I don’t know how I am going to celebrate this, but you know I will.  I was planning to use the proceeds to pay off my car, but with what I really am getting for it I probably can use the proceeds for a down payment on a tank of gas.  Regardless, the page turned today can now mark a new chapter.  The last “X goes to square” in the great transition.

Now, time to wrestle me a bear.


One thought on “100% Alaskan

  1. bound4freedom

    Congrats on getting your house in Wichita sold. You know I can relate to the relief that comes when being able to completely close one chapter to focus on beginning another!!! We are almost 100% Iowans. Now, time to wrestle me a pig. Lol 🙂 Miss you, Mitch!

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