Misery Doesn’t Loves Company, It Loves Attention


Let the record show on April 23rd, Anchorage is getting snow.

Contrary to the response I seem to get every time I post weather that makes me angry on Facebook — I am not telling you that it is snowing in Anchorage on April 23rd just so you tell me the weather report wherever you are, even if it is worse than it is here. I’m also not telling you this because I want to be reminded I made the conscious choice to move further north than most of y’all will ever vacation to.

I am telling you it’s snowing here, because it chaps my hide that it’s snowing here and it’s nearly May. You get it? I want to complain, there’s nothing I can do about the weather except for complaining, so give me that much. LET ME COMPLAIN!!!

You see, the cabin fever has me beat down. This past weekend we had the best warmness that we have had the whole season. The sun was out, the snow was melting, the trails and the paths were clearing, and things were starting to look like the salad days were coming. Of course, I spent nearly all of it holed up. The pup had his “boy parts” surgury on Thursday and I had to keep the area clean & dry while making sure he doesn’t sniff and nibble at it. So while Auggie was on lockdown, so was I sorta.

On Sunday, I finally broke loose and took a drive, sans pooch. I drove along Turnagain Arm down to Girdwood and drove around the little Alyeska Resort village filled up for the Slush Cup (don’t ask, something about icewater, skiing, and idiots). I drove down to Portage, where a long tunnel could get me to Whittier but because of it’s offseason use I could get stuck there. Turnagain Arm was still clearly under the leathersoled foot of winter, with chunks of ice high up on the low tide beaches like rubble left from demolished buildings, snow washing over the mountains on either side, well headed warnings of fresh avalanches some still dug out around the train routes. But then again, Turnagain arm was filled with vehicals parked for people to start jumping on it’s outdoorsyness. Trailheads were full. Water access points were brimming. Motorcycles rode, bicycles cycled, and the last of the skiers skied. Sunday was a glimpse that started the spark of what is to come, and that I better start getting ready for a very very active summer.

Instead, we get smacked over the face by a good inch or two of snow.

So yes, I moved to Alaska expecting this stuff. Yes I know we aren’t the only one getting the white madness.

But throw me this one bone. Give me this one tantrum, and I’ll go back to dog pictures and stories of bear attacks like you all love so much.


2 thoughts on “Misery Doesn’t Loves Company, It Loves Attention

  1. Penny Eagle

    Please do complain about the snow. I do feel (on a much smaller scale) your pain. However, when the weather in Anchorage is better (warmer and drier) than it is in Chicago, I need to comment. Like you, it is my choice to live in this wonderful climate. But sometimes a tantrum is just needed. It is almost May. If only Mother Nature would give us a taste of spring. I know you are not looking for my weather report, but this gives me the perfect opportunity to complain! Bring spring!!!!!!!

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