I Was Promised One More


To be honest, I was ready to use more curse words in this post than I have in the history of the Bear Feed.  The last we left off I was chatting that Spring was right around the corner.  What was stupid of me was that I didn’t look at the forecast for later that day … and the next … and the next … and then later this week.

From Friday Night through Saturday Night, we got 7 inches of snow.  That’s the third most snow we had in a 24 hour period this season — behind a nice one to kick off the season in November, and the one we had a week-and-a-half ago.   Let me repeat this so it gets through … on April 6th we had 7 inches more snow fall.  Not in January, not in March … April!

You optimists out there maybe saying “well sure, but snow in April … that will melt quick”.  Well let me counter that with …

We are starting a new storm today which will run through Wendsday.  Total accumluation over 48 hours is expected to be around 18 inches.  18 INCHES!!!!  That would be the biggest storm of the year for us.

In April!

All of it sitting nicely on top of my brand new deck furniture that I didn’t get to enjoy.  It threw some new virus that is kicking my brain to pieces.  And what was a confused dog from all the lawn furniture, is now an overly confused dog with piles of snow all over.

I was promised a couple of weeks ago that we were only going to have two more snows … well, today starts the third, and I am about ready to kick someone’s butt for this one.


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