Bunny Count: March


After I tricked some of y’all with yesterday’s post – time to get back to a routine.  With the beginning of a new month, its time for another Bunny Count.

All data is specific for the month of March

Bunnies Seen: 0
Moose Seen: 2
Moose the Pup Seen: 1
Squirrels Seen Poking their Head out of my Shed: 2

Snow Fall for Month, Inches: 20.6
Amount of Snow Fall Above Average for March, Inches: 10.7
Snow Fall Season to Date, Inches: 76.7
Amount of Snow Fall Above Average Season to Date, Inches: 6.5
Amount of Snow Fall Behind Last Years Total to Date, Inches: 52.7 (yeah … they had another 4-1/2 feet of snow this time last year)
Snow Depth Ave, Inches: 19
Snow Depth Ave in My Back Yard, Height of One Auggie: 1-1/2

Kansas House Offers: 1
Kansas House Offers Accepted: 1
Documents Signed Since the Kansas House Offer: 11

“Miles” gained towards Valdez: 34.84
Total Miles in 2013: 117.93
Miles to Go to Valdez: 187.07
About the time I realized that 2.3 miles per day average was a little over the top: 87
Additional Days Given to Reach Goal so that I stay focused: 70

Games Curled: 9
Games Curled Won: 5
Curled Games Skipped (that’s be the guy calling the shots): 6 (that’s alot for a newbie … 1 would be alot)
Curled Games Skipped Won: 4

Scars Received from Dogs Being a Little Too Frisky: 1
Near Massive Car Wrecks: 1

Manditory Visits to Irish Pub for St Patricks Day: 1
Non-Manditory Visits to Irish Pub: 3
Missed Michigan Tech Alumni Events Because I Screwed Up the Date: 1
Small Dog Meet-Ups Made: 3
Small Dog Meet-Ups Made Ending because some puppy needed to stop humping other dogs: 1
Staffie Club Meetings Attended: 1
Times Suprised I become a Bit of a Social Butterfly: 2

Days Spent Up on the Slope: 4
Nights Spent Up on the Slope: 2
Days Where I Could See the Sun on the Slope: 2
Trips onto the Arctic Ocean: 1

Number of times killed by Squirrels, Snow, Home Sales Documents, Curling Stones, Car Wrecks, Slope Visits, and Social Butterflies: 0


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