Just a Reminder, You Live in Alaska


And God Said: “Y’all obviously forgot where you live.  Well, here’s a reminder you pansies.”

As for the weathermen?  On Thursday they said, expect a couple of inches of snow over the weekend.  On Friday, they warned of high winds, blizzard conditions, six inches of snow.  By Saturday they said, forget the winds and blizzard, but you could get closer to a foot of snow.  Today they said, “did we say a foot?  We meant, a foot by Monday morning, it’s going to be more like 18 inches.”

We started getting a bit of snow on Friday night, and then … it hasn’t stopped.  It’s been a constant, not as much monstrous overwhelming blizzardy stuff, but .. just constant.  Over the weekend, we broke the calendar day records on Friday & Sunday.  What is really overwhelming about it is that it just kept getting heavier as the snows continued.  I went out yesterday morning and was surprised that I found 2 inches on the ground.  By nightfall, we got three more.  By this morning it was another 4 or 4-1/2. I swear, I had another 6 inches on my car when I left work.  For the first time since I started here, they told people to go home early due to the conditions.  A couple hours later, the snow still flies.  This isn’t just a lot of snow, but maybe the biggest snowfall of the year (only a real early storm seems to be memorable to be in the ballpark).

Poor Auggie was having a heck of a time out there, his road clearance is only about 6 inches (that’s his height from the ground to his belly … get it? :)).  He’s okay with plowing through head high snow, but two problems with it.  The snow gets in his nose and makes him sneeze, which is a full body thing for him putting him face first into the snow, which gets up into his nose, which makes him sneeze … you see the pattern?  The other problem is that when the snow is up to your belly … its not so easy to relieve yourself.

It’s snowfall that reminds me that I was going to buy a snow blower.  Shoveling this stuff was rough for this way too out of shape bear.  I didn’t touch it most the weekend, which meant the driveway was a good foot deep, and the sidewalk was downright nonsense.  The other problem with this snow is that the piles around the driveway and sidewalk has the drifts built up from five months of winter — I’m throwing a foot and a half of snow onto a pile that is nearly five feet tall.

Yes. it’s Spring.  Yes, next week is April.  Yes, I know I moved here on my own choosing.  But No … I still get to complain.



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