One Down …


This just in, contrary to what the calendar might tell you … it ain’t Spring yet.

Even all of you down in the Lower 48 are griping about the return of snow and cold.  This just after you Kansans were bragging about t-shirt and shorts weather last week.  Well … in your face, I never even put my warm clothes away.

The forecast for Anchorage this weekend is snow, not a lot, but enough to remind us that it’s still winter.  We had a bit of a melt the last couple of weeks, not much and not enough to say its breakup season (the time when everything melts including the frozen rivers … that ‘breakup’ to start flowing).  It does feel like a chilly cold snow.  Not the kind that feels very good to wander around in.  Even the curling club felt cold last night.

So this is more of an “indoor” weekend.  That could be my excuse to watch lots of basketball, the start of the Aussie Rules Football season, and hockey … but I’ll take that excuse.  There’s a dog show in town too, so I’ll sneak off to that.  But I’m focus on getting big movement on the spare bedroom (aka .. the Brad Barnes Throwdown Emporium), which was slowed by pain that didn’t want to get it’s work done in two coats.

Spring is coming near an end though.  Someone told me earlier in the week, before this forecast came out, that we can expect at least two more snows before breakup.  I came back on Thursday and said “You said, we only have two more.  Well … One Down, One to Go!”


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