Daylight Saved


For all of you who aren’t a random European, Canadian, or Mexican you know that USA were thrust into Daylight Savings yesterday whether we liked it or not.  In South Anchorage, we were rewarded for getting up an hour earlier by having to shovel four inches of snow on Sunday, and having to drag our tails into work on Monday.  But before we had too long to complain, a real prize showed itself.

Today in Anchorage, the sun was out all day, and by all day I mean … ALL DAY.

I’ve been getting used to seeing daylight on the way to work, and its been up well past the time I got home; but between the cloudless skies and the new time zone we got a wake-up call on how much daylight we have.  Officially, the came up at 8:28am today, and went down at 7:52pm.  That’s 11 hours 24 minutes of sun-up.  Of course it was light before and after — in fact when I started this post tonight at 9pm, there was still light in the sky.

In just a little over two months, we’ve gained 6 hours of daylight.  It’s been a little under 6 minutes a day we’ve been gaining, but today it was sort of like … TaDa … Summer’s coming.

Just means I need to get to bed early too … because it takes the body way too long to shift one hour, and will be a busy week with a couple days on the slope and eagerly waiting the end of the Iditarod.  So, now the sun’s down … nightly night.



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