Breakup Tease


No … “Breakup Tease” isn’t some relationship twist from some TV Show.  It’s something far more, well … typical that you would find on my blogs.  It’s about the weather.

Breakup is the term used for the spring thaw.  I guess it happens over a short period of time (few days to a couple weeks) and is named for the way river and inlet ice get thin enough that they break apart and move away.

I was hoping to be able to tell you more about that today.  The way all the cars turn salty brown.  The way puddles sit everywhere.  The way the first glimpses of ground start showing up.  The last couple of days, we hadn’t had a minute where the temperature got below freezing.  You could see the potholes in the road, not just ice covered pavement.  You could walk a sidewalk, not tromp through a mess.  A couple of us were rushing to get down with our winter fun, because it really felt like breakup was coming.

But what was coming was today.

My count is that we got about 5 inches of wet heavy snow today.  Great for shoveling, great for snowball fights with a confused dog, but definitely not breakup weather.  Thrust back into a winter wonderland, we did what we keep doing – keep bundled up, keep shoveling the decks & driveways, and keep on keeping on.


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