Windblown Arctic Days


I owe y’all a bunny count but though I would share some images of more of the uniqueness of Alaska.
I flew to Prudhoe Bay yesterday for an overnight of meetings and such. If you are a follower of this blog you might remember a week I spent here in December. Coming back a couple months later I was trusting things to be little different – cold dark desolate.
For starters it was still cold, -7F and wind chills down to -40F. The wind has been blowing up here for a while and folks up here made it sound like it wasn’t going to stop for a few more … Well, years.
It was, however, not dark. The day was bright enough to call daylight by 7:30am. That’s something we in Anchorage were only saying a couple weeks ago. I have still yet to see the sun when up here thanks to a snow blown sky this week.
What was most remarkable about this trip was how the snow covered everything. It’s not like how a snowstorm covers things. Snow was caked hard onto every surface not cleaned regularly. On walls, windows, rigs, sign posts. Doors up here can sometimes be made from walk in freezers, or the snow would get itself in the edges. The whole of the place feels like a fictional world that has suffered winter for a hundred years.
In a month or two the weather will start to change bringing warmth and sun. But as of today they are fully engulfed in


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