Worst Time of the Year


Picked up a bit of a cough last week.  Hate it when I have a bit of a cough, because a bit of a cough will make me cough at night keeping me up.  Bit of a cough gives me a full on cough medicine haze for days as well.  So … any spelling or grammer errors … blame on the meds.

When I mentioned my cough to someone, they said, “Yeah, this is the worst time of year.  Because the winter is dragging, the lack of sun hurts our immunity, on and everyone gets sick.”  What is funny to me is that, this is at least the fourth “time of year” someone told me was the “worst”.

I was told the worst time of year was September, because it never stopped raining and you are becoming aware the summer is over.

I was told the worst time of year was November, because the holidays weren’t here yet, the snow hadn’t accumulated enough to play in, and the days were getting really short.

I was told the worst time of year was January, because the holidays were over, it was cold, and the days were still pretty dang dark.

Now comes mid-February, when its still cold, its still dark, and it’s still winter. 

From what I have been told, though, at least this time of year we have something to look foward too.  Feb 22nd through March 3rd  Anchorage has the Fur Rendezvous (or Fur Rondy for short), which I’ll probably be blogging alot about — cause it sounds awsome (looking at the schedule of events there are things like “outhouse races” and “running of the reindeer”). 

The end of Fur Rondy is also about the start of the Iditarod, the most famous and longest dog sled race in the world.

Soon after, people start preparing for the “Breakup” – the time of year snow & ice melts and the state of Alaska becomes one big puddle.  It’s the right of Spring here, leading to the summer months.

Stuck inbetween will be days of cold and snow and cold and snow and occasionally stuff … but from all suggestions … while this is the fourth “worst time of the year” this is likely the last.


One thought on “Worst Time of the Year

  1. Jeff Rogness

    You can show them what a real Rendezvous is like back in PdC 😉
    I still cannot get the image out of my head of Garry
    Bunders wearing
    a buckskin the size of a washcloth while stirring turtle soup….interesting 😉

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