Bunny Count: January


I know, I know, I’ve been slacking on the bunny count for a few months, well … here’s a bit to get us on track.

Bunny Count for January:

Bunnies: 0
Moose: 1
Moose who left tracks in my front yard: 1
Squirrels Sitting on Fence by my Window: 1
Times I got to say “Moose & Squirrel” in Russian Accent like from Rocky & Bulwinkle: 1

Puppies Graduating from a Puppy Class: 1
Days without an accident: 28
Days since last accident: 0 (guess who got so excited he pooped?)

(For the Next items, check out the new page at the top of this page for “305 Miles to Valdez” – its related to my New Year’s Resolution)
“Miles” Counted, January: 35.4
“Miles” Left to Valdez: 269.6
Miles the Dog Walked, January: 25.45
Daily Average Needed to Make it to Valdez by Memorial Day: 2.32

Number of Pieces of Furniture Built: 6
Number of Pieces of Furniture Chewed on by a Dog: 9
Number of Garbage Disposals Replaced: 1

Tempature Max, Jan: 48°F (9°C)
Tempature Min, Jan: -13°F (-25°C)
Snowfall, Jan: 39.6 inches
Snowdepth Current: 7.0 inches

Items Crossed off of Bucket List: 1 (Curling)

Record in Curling: 3-0 (different teams, but only one that is counting is me)
Times Curled Onto the Button (Hitting a Bulls-eye equivalent): 3
Times Curled Onto the Button when Trying: 1
Times Fell on my butt when Curling: 0
Chance of Making the Olympics in Curling: 0

Times Killed by Moose, Squirrel, Dog Walks, Snow Coverage, Falling Furniture, Curling Injuries: 0


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