Not Shaken, Not Even Stirred


Had some notes this morning about a quake that happened in Alaska.  To be honest those notes were the first I knew about it – so that should tell you how effected I was.

A 7.5 magnitude quake happened along the southeastern coastal area of Alaska around Midnight our time.  I was asleep at the time, but that doesn’t mean I would have felt it anyway.  It occurred 75 miles away from the closest town, which felt some shaking but no reports of damage or injury.  It occurred 687 miles from Anchorage, which makes it closer to the lower 48 than from my house.  There were tsunami warnings as far north as Sitka, but no tsunami was witnessed and that is still a long way away from me.  So in short, we are all good here.

Busy day, though, that’s why the blog is short.  Auggie the Doggie starts his second Puppy Class.  Auggie the Doggie then goes to small dog meet up.  Auggie the Doggie then goes to the happy fun place of cookies and fun and happy times (shhhh … its the V-E-T).  Then Auggie the Doggie sports his Packers Jersey as we watch the football game tonight.


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