A Moose is Loose Around My Hoose


I haven’t seen it, but all signs are pointing to a moose hanging in the neighborhood.

It’s not surprising, I’ve seen enough evidence of them since I moved to town:

  • A trail that winds along Campbell Creek just a bit away is known to be a little moose paradise, and have seen a couple down that way when walking it.
  • When I first came to this area to check out houses, I spotted a bull moose about a mile from the bear den chomping on some apples in someone’s backyard.
  • Last weekend, a bull moose crossed a highway on Dimond just about a mile south of me, mostly to hang out in a trailer park that way.
  • In a path that runs along the highway a few houses down from me, I seen moose tracks in the snow.

Tonight, though, I saw some pretty definitive evidence how close they get.  I was walking the pup and spotted tracks in the snow.  Since my neighbor has a pretty big dog that could have left them (and the warm weather makes any track in the snow bigger than it is) I didn’t think much of it.  The tracks though wound past a couple houses without any real sense of direction.

A couple houses down from me, there was a big dent in the snow.  Like BIG dent.  If that isn’t evidence enough, there was a nice pile of “nuggets” right next to it.

The tracks led across their lawn and moved down to where the moose stepped back onto pavement … in my driveway.  It may have moved onto my front lawn, even took a look through my big front window.  But the tracks are clearly leading across my property.  I don’t know when it was there, probably in the last couple of days, but after it started melting last week.

Others I know bait the moose with pumpkins and things, and others probably have more interesting moose stories, but  … thought I would share for a nice mid-week story.






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