Over the last month, Anchorage has shoveled our way out of a good 20 inches of snow.  One thing about snow days is that the weather usually has to be in the mid-20s to get a a good snowfall, and usually its followed by a bit of cold weather too.  A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend about it, and we couldn’t remember the last time the temperature was above freezing.  We had a few days it dropped to stupid crazy cold, had a few days it teetered near freezing, but for the most part its been hovering around 0 to 10°F (-17 to -12°C).

That changed starting Friday and continues thru today.  A warm air mass came north off the sea, leaving to warmer than predicted temperatures.  We were expecting the mid-30s and snow for most of the weekend, but instead … it is downright warm.  Ok, warm for Alaska, not warm for someplace down south.  We nearly broke 50°F (10°C) … okay, maybe around 45°F (7°C), but still … that’s warm.

This change in the weather may not seem like it should change much about this winter wonderland, but it almost seemed to change everything.  Take driving, for instance.  I had become used to the nondescript ruts in the road that you have to fight across to change lanes.  Little spin of the wheels, and you fall in line behind all the other drivers locked into speeds well below the limit.  I was used to waiting longer at a stop, because it takes a bit of spinning wheels of the cars in front of you to move.  Instead, the lanes are clear and wet now.  Younger crazies are pushing well beyond speed limits.  And you can even catch the next light by going on green.

It’s funny to watch Auggie the Doggie go outside these days too.  During the cold spell, he had accidents because getting yelled at for pooping on the carpet was far better than putting his paws into the snow.  Now, there is no longer a foot of snow between him and the stuff he smells.  At one point he jumped into a bush in the backyard and played in it like seeing a long lost friend, which 6 weeks in a 4 month old’s life is like a long lost friend, even if it is just a hibernating plant.  He’ll even barrel through the melting snow.

The moose are active as well, more than I had seen in a bit.  I spotted one running (not just sitting, or eating, but running) in a trailer park.  I see their tracks, fresh, in the snow around different neighborhoods. It’s making me keep an eye out more for them, especially if one starts wondering into our neighborhood … yeah, it can happen … seriously.

In a three day weekend, I found myself in that spring meltdown energy.  I chipped down most of my driveway (big pile of ice at the road needs a few visits still).  The den got as much work as I can do without figuring out what to do with a few things … but also realizing I should have painted it before I begun but … so what, something to do later.  It rains now, but later we will go for a walk, seeing if the trails a mile from the house are clear enough to get a hike in.

If I don’t sneak in a blog tomorrow (which I might, but not with my luck), have a happy and safe new year everyone.


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