Top 5 End of the World Songs


I am not afriad to scoff in the face of the end of the Mayan Calendar that happens later this week, in-fact I am embrasing the fun of calling it the end of the world.  There are going to be Zombie Apocolypse events and End of the World parties going on, and will see if I can stick my head in on those.  One of the ways I am enjoying it the most is re-listening to all my favorite “end of the world” happy songs. 

So for your non-alaskan blogging pleasure in no particular order, I give you my TOP 5 HAPPY SONGS about the End of the World:

#1)  R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World as we Know It

This maybe the most overplayed song over the next couple days, but to miss it is a travisty.   Let’s be honest, we may not really understand anything being said during most of the song besides the chorus, but we all probably have sung along with this at one time and failed with a smile on our face.   I mean … Lenoard Berstine, folks!

#2) Wierd Al Yankovick – It’s Christmas at Ground Zero

Maybe … just maybe … the best song ever for the 2012 holiday season.   There are better Youtube versions, complete with “Duck & Cover” movies from the 50’s — but it isn’t share friendly, and probably won’t break the European firewalls over there.  Sure, this is more poking fun at the atomic fears and all that, but how can you deny that Mayans really intended to tell us: “No more time for last minute shopping, its time to face your final destiny”

#3) The Decemberists – Calamity Song

To get me is to know I like The Decemberists.  One song they released last year was about the end of the world … and unless you heard the live version I did, you probably wouldn’t know it.  It had probably the most obscure references (as in ‘Most Obscure’ references AAANNNDDD Most ‘Obscure References’) I ever heard in a song.  The writer was teased about it in a great NPR interview he had and took it with a good laugh.  Here is  just a taste (thank you Wikipedia for the help on this):
Adalusian Tribes are previously Germanic folk that invaded southern Spain at the fall of the Roman Empire – but for whatever reason is burning Nebraska in this song
A Dowager Empress is the widow of a King of Russia or The Holy Roman Empire … and seems to have a child from Panama next to her here.
Hetty Green, a notorious miser in the late 1800s, is mentioned as a fashion icon here (or more specifically, a “Queen of Supply-Side Bonhomie Bone Drab”)
And Speaking of … Bonhomie is a french word for “Good Natured Man”
Still … its a great song from one of my favorite albums.

#4) The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes

There is absolutely nothing happy in the lyrics to this song.  How can you not get depressed when you hear the phrase: “I’m screaming at the top of my lungs, pretending the echos belong to someone … someone I used to know.” 
In any other context, this kind of song would make me face the darkness of losing all hope and facing the end of anything normal and kind in the world. 
That being said, I dare you … I DARE YOU  … to make it through without tapping your foot or bouncing in your chair.  Makes me want to throw on my radiation suit and ride my bicycle.

#5) Closing Credits to Shin Chan

This Japenese Cartoon is in my opinion one of the most wrong shows I have ever seen (sooooooo many butt jokes from a kindengarder).   It’s the kind of show that makes you glad that there are parental locks to keep kids from watching that mess … but happy as hell that you are old enough to watch it.  Truth is, the show was a guilty pleasure, but I used to watch it just to listen to the ending credits, which seemed to have no connection back to the show itself but still.  If the end comes this week … this is the song that will be in my head with the lyrics:
Woke up Late This Morning
A Storm Was Really Rolling
Frogs & Dogs were Raining From the Sky
And things seemed awkard to me
nothing is as it should be
if this keeps on I’m sure I won’t get by.
And then I close my eyes and try to smile, I know things are bad and getting worse
But after this I can rest awhile …
… And then I’ll Party Party!!


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