Who Did the Dreaming?


By the way, it snowed in Anchorage.  Like … a lot.

When I left for the slope a couple weeks back, there was maybe an inch or two on the ground, but there were more than a few spots of ground you could see past the white stuff.  In November, we got so little of anything that we had just 20% of the total moisture we typically see in that month.  December wasn’t much different, because we had nothing coming into last week.  Then the skies opened up.

Coming home on Tuesday afternoon we had enough on the ground that you can make the little walls along the sidewalks.  Then, the snow really started to fall.  Nine inches on Wednesday, a couple more as the week continued, and now it appears we are guaranteed a white Christmas.  The pup is a little freaked by it all, he goes outside and he has to dig down to get to whatever he smells.

I’ve been slow to post mostly because of the pup.  Hard to get free time with the little pooper, between his puppy training, puppy classes, and his constant nudging me for attention — only can finish this up tonight because he fell asleep next to me (which, yes, is awfully cute, but still … a nice break).

Other than getting back into the swing of things, there wasn’t much else to report.  Folks around work are heading out on their holiday vacations.  Because I haven’t been with the company long enough, I work through the holidays with just a day off on the big ones.

I am wrapping up my Christmas letter – which I will post here for everyone to read on Christmas Eve.  If you aren’t one of my usual suspects to get a Christmas card, want your own personalized Christmas card (and don’t assume that means anything more than a snoopy card with a hand written “ho ho ho”), drop me a note and I will get it in the mail.


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