You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello


Tonight I waved to Auggie as he hopped into the car of Melissa Morse (well, she carried him to be specific, but not the point).  I am leaving tonight at 11pm for my annual pilgrimage to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  Our family has been getting together for Thanksgiving since before I left for college, and while Christmas wasn’t always a given Thanksgiving always was.  I had hoped to add to the family with a fuzzy ball of poop, but … I learned some things.

For starters, I learned Alaskan Airlines has a no pet policy for the Thanksgiving Rush (also Christmas, but we ain’t going anywhere for that).  American Airlines (my other airline I am on) has a “no checked animals” policy for flights where any leg is under 20°F … and our high today was 15°F.   I could have carried him on (with a pet reservation of course) but to get on American the whole way I wouldn’t be able to leave until Friday, which would make this not a Thanksgiving pilgrimage at all.  So I tried to find a kennel for the little monster, but … trouble again.  Many places require pups to be 4 months old (which won’t be until January) and there is a full coarse or two of shots he will still need.

Lucky for me, the Morse’s stepped up and took him in, even with his recent potty training setbacks.  Of course, like going anywhere with a child, I had to load her up with tons of stuff — food, bedding, the Auggie Dome (his crate), treats, toys, clothes (yes, clothes … its frickin freezing out there, even a dog needs a little to keep warm), and a squirrel or two.

The house is quiet now for a couple hours, which is the reason I can actually write a blog post. Toys are left about the floor like the dead after battle.  The smell of pee still lingers in the air.  I was even tempted to have dinner at home tonight, just to not have barking interrupt my meal.  But then again, I get to go out tonight because I don’t have to worry about leaving him alone.

But I know I will miss the little guy in short order.  Maybe I like the silence now, but soon, I will need to feel sharp teeth on my socks.



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