Snow Days


One year ago today, I was in Anchorage for my job interview.  Yeah, I came here in the dead of winter and still wanted to move here, how about that bit of coffee to drink?

Knowing that this is the anniversary of the interview, it was easy for me to do a comparison of then and now.  The big difference is the snow.  By this time last year, snow was up to my knees.  They had been pounded with the white fluffy stuff for weeks before I came up here, and you can tell that people were pretty used to it.  Yeah, we had snowfall in September, but there really only was one time the snow flied before last week. Yesterday there were still places where you could see grass, even little Auggie could find loads of leaves and twigs to chew on.  It was a long way from being the piles and piles I saw last year.

Today we had a good bit of snow, getting 2 inches, most of it coming in the morning.  It was enough to pile up a good 20ft pile where they plowed it in the parking lot at work.  The city now feels like its a winter wonderland … complete with road plows, near car accidents, and every floor wet with melted ice.  The snow is at that pretty stage, the kind everyone wants to see from the moment they get in the holiday spirit until just around December 27th.

It is really really really dark out, just like it was last year.  The sun is not up yet when I go to work, and its essentially down when I go home from work.  At the moment, I don’t think its really had much effect on me.  Mostly because my life still revolves around the four-legged poop machine, and all the work it takes to potty train and keep him from thinking that he leads our pack.  But it will probably be pretty obvious to me next week when we head south to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving — not to mention the week I will spend on the slope next month.

Keep warm out there folks, and don’t eat the yellow snow.




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