Fog Days of November


Let me start with a little business.  I have been kinda iffy with my posts the last week because of the pup, I think I mentioned that but just thought I would give you the full excuse.  Until he grows more he is going to be a handful and its hard to get peace for 30 minutes or so to do a post (we try out a new carrier tonight and so far he is sleeping peacefully right next to me.  I toy with taking him with me to Wisconsin next week for Thanksgiving.  The logistics of it all with such a small pup and the potential health risks weigh against the lost time towards training and bonding.  Also, his name has officially changed — its still pronounced the same but I had too many complaints about the spell (basically, no one was getting the pronunciation right).  It’s now Auggie, and it rhymes with Doggie … like Auggie the doggie .. and no, not Auggie Doggie, just Auggie.

It’s an unseasonably warm last couple of days here.  It’s been closer to 40°F yesterday and today, and while for many of you that doesn’t sound warm its as warm as its been here in about a month.  We had some snow last week that stuck well because of the cold weather we have been having, but that started melting yesterday and really started melting today.  The effect was that it was really humid out today, every smokestack, every chimney, every heater bellowed steam like massive clouds.

What was really interesting about the weather was watching the fog.  Of course, fog is going to happen at certain temperatures and humidity, but as the day changed, the fog changed as well.  I first noticed it today and the way home for lunch with the pup, and the colder ground up the hillside near the mountains had a couple thousand feet of fog growing upward.  Only the top parts of the mountains were visible, but somehow the fog made them dominate more than normal.  Against the cutoff clouds the peaks loomed and reached higher and stronger.  As the sun warmed the city, the fog moved down off of the hillsides and came into town.

By mid afternoon, the whole of midtown where I worked was enveloped by a cloud.  We couldn’t see across the street, and it felt unnaturally dark.  It seemed to hang easily over the town for an hour so before it break and seemingly break suddenly.  One minute it was foggy, next minute it was clear.   The fog though moved out to the west and out to sea.   Later in the afternoon it moved up from the lower elevations and hung about in the creekbeds and seaside.  All and all, watching the fog was nearly the most interesting part of the day.

That being said, the little pooper is now up, and I need to give him a chance to pee before I put him down for the night.


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