My New Appreciation for Parenthood


Ok … I get why new parents are tired all the time.  Because if you are having to work as hard as I do for a puppy … yeah … I get it.

After four days into living together, Aughie and I have had our ups and downs.  Aughie is a bit of a biter, and I have the marks on my hands, nose, and shiner to prove it.  Aughie poops like a champion … really impressive poops, and stinky ones too.  Aughie still needs to get used to riding in a car and wearing a leash.  Aughie isn’t a fan of his kennel, which is where until he can control his bodily function his home when I am giving his full attention.  And when he can get my full attention, he demands my full attention.

But our ups are really ups.  Potty training goes well-ish.  We like running around on the wood floor chasing balls.  We can hang out on the couch without tearing up the couch, a win.  He is on a good routine with eating. He finds toys he likes and toys he loves (his favorite chew toy is of course … me).

My life though is shifted.  I start every day with his needs, I spend my lunch helping him pee,  I come right home after work and work him.  Hard to get to the gym when a pooper wants you with him.  Hard to take him for a hike when someone doesn’t like a leash.  Hard to write a blog when the little nipper keeps nipping.  Heck, its nearly impossible to eat even, because he wants to play when I want to cook – I may just lose weight out of my own starvation at this rate..  But it will change and get better all likelihood, and thats all I hope for.

At the end of the day, its still fun, its still an adventure.  Aughie, above all else, has the cuteness meter pegged out.  I mean, all puppies are cute (like all babies are precious), but some are not just “cute” but … CUTE.



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