Enter the Puppy


Happy Birthday to Me.

For the record, I wanted to blog about my weekend at Cousin Ted’s wedding.  I wanted to blog about flying to AK for your edgimifcation.  I wanted to blog about how my dad embarrassed me yesterday morning to sing me happy birthday.  But, there is one thing that won’t be denied.

That one thing showed his gratitude by:

1) Throwing up on my car seat

2) Pooping on my couch

3) Chewing on my watch

4) Fought the leash

5) He nipped my nose hard enough to break the skin

6) He cried and cried when he first went into the Aughie dome

7) Ran nonstop around the room for the last two hours

And it … was … awesome!!!!  Well, not the crying in the kennel, that was a little heartbreaking.

Everyone, meet Aughie!

If you been reading the blog, you know Aughie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  He is a bit of a handful.  He has alot to learn.  I have a lot to learn.  The toughest will be when I need to stop wanting to love him and start being the pack leader.  Cause how can you say no to that face?

When I went to pick him up, the breeder was trying her best to fill me in on all I will need to know about shots and vaccines, but I couldn’t stop watching the little guy jump, run, and dance.  We have had a couple of messes already, and we are a long way from having no more messes, but its time to start being a dog owner.

But for tonight, welcome home to Aughie!


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