Busy Week


Snuck in a quick blog during lunch today because its gonna be a busy week here.  Busy enough that there will be blog worthy stuff to come, just maybe not tonight.

Monday:  Recovery day, from getting a bad night sleep while fighting off a working injury.  That, and my new TV has netflicks and I discovered “Raising Hope” (7 episodes discovered).  I have to be up around 4ish for a plane, so sleep is weighing heavy.

Tuesday:  This is a big big day.  I go further north than I ever had before in my life and go above the Arctic Circle for the first time ever.  I catch a flight to Deadhorse, AK for a quick meeting then turn around to head back that afternoon.  This will be my first trip to “The Slope”.  But believe me, won’t be the last.

Wednesday:  Audit Time / Aughie time.  My first audit for BP … kinda.  officially an assessment, and a limited one at that.  But finally getting to do what I love to do again.  That night, I get to see Aughie the Doghie (erm, Doggie) who I heard is feeling lonely because his litter mates are gone now.

Thursday (and Wednesday too, kinda): American Society for Quality – Alaskan Region Conference.  Basically our industry’s organization has an Alaskan group, and this is they keystone event.  Should be able to slip in some time there. 

Thursday Continued:  Last of the installations to installate.  DirectTV finally gets me hooked up.

Thursday Continued Still:  First of the month means its the Monthly Bunny Count.

Thursday Continued Even Still:  I hop on a Plane, the first of three, to get me to …

Friday:  Chicago (before you say it, have you ever BEEN to Chicago?) so I can attend ….

Saturday:  Cousin Ted Eagle’s wedding in Lake Geneva, WI.  Will be good to see family down there, drink some drinks, catch up on stuff, yadda yadda yadda, but too bad I have to turn around and get …

Sunday: Back on a plane for Anchorage.

Monday: We Celebrate the invention of the Flux Capacitor (that which makes time travel possible).  All of England will be shooting off fireworks for this event, that they oddly named Guy Faux day (which makes no sense since what does that have to do with 1.21 Gigawatts … and that’s pronounced “gigga like giggalo”).  It’s also Aughie Day, and I bring the little bundle of poop and fur home.


One thought on “Busy Week

  1. Rusty

    I know how much you love Chicago, they’ll be glad to see you back! I still remember when I drove us from Niagra Falls to Cleveland in the Lake snow, that was a long and tense drive.

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