Three Homes


Busy week this week, that’s why I was a bit quiet.  Work has had me on my toes with early calls and long drawn out days, then fitting in time at the gym and a little time with my puppy, the week filled up quick.  Next week will be worse, but that’s a blog post for another day.

The real stress is dealing with my three homes.  YES  … My THREEEEEEEE Homes.  I have THREE homes.

First of all, there’s an open house for my place in Kansas on Sunday.  Turns out everyone in a mile radius decided to sell their home this month, but for $10 less than mine was listed.  So guess who had to drop the price on his house.  If you live in Wichita and are looking for a house … that place is becoming a killer deal (and killer to my wallet).

I’ve been living in the Bear Den all week, without a hitch at all.  Just alot of boxes and everywhere I look there are things to do.  There’s a lot to do this weekend too.  Geek Squad stops by tomorrow to mount a TV and I have to set up my den complete with running wires through my house in the crawl space.  Satellite guys show up later in the week too, so I will need to be ready for that.  I need to get all the boxes stored somewhere, things cleaned up, and all things doggie dangerous taken care of because I won’t have much time to go before the puppy comes home.

Finally, there’s the apartment downtown that has been my lifeboat for the last 3 months.  I need to be checked out by Tuesday, and that means all signs of me have to be gone and cleaned up.  It won’t take long to clean the place up, but it will still take time.  I am leaving that for Sunday because … well … I will likely crash there Friday and Saturday night so I can head to the pub & walk to the bed rather than choosing between being sober and getting a cab.

Have a good weekend out there folks.


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