Ready for a Good Night Sleep


For most of y’all, by the time you read this I would either have finished or in the midst of the first night sleeping in my new house.  Yeah, I took ownership earlier in the week and stuff was moved in on Friday, but I didn’t have it set up for me to actually live here until today.  Bedroom had to be painted (it was lavender before, and that wasn’t going to cut it).  Once that was done, the bed had to be set-up.  Here’s the funny thing about my bed.  I bought it the first weekend of the first job out of college. Not counting the temporary place I had the last couple of months, I have slept in that bed in four of the last five homes/apartments I have lived in.  BUT, I haven’t slept in the full up bed since 2001.  See the box spring never fit up the stairs in my home in Kansas, so I threw the mattress down on the floor and made due.  Setting it all up today was like going back in time to my days living in Wisconsin or in that first place in Kansas.  It includes a dresser and mirror, and that mirror hasn’t seen the light of day since probably the 90s.

But its kinda nice to have a room “done”.  I mean, I still need to put stuff on the wall and make it prettier, but that bedroom is the only one without crap loads of boxes or cardboard all over the floor.  It wasn’t like that this morning, but in a few hours of work the thing was transformed and ready for sleep.

So I am sleeping here tonight, setting the alarm early.  Have a 7am meeting, but I expect to have a mad dash to find clothing, bags, and stuff to make it through the first day — its going to be chaos I think for a bit.  I have alot of work still left to do around this place, far from being ready for anything.  But the transformation will be pretty cool over the next two-three weeks.

First of all, I have new furniture coming Thursday.  I was chatting with a guy on Friday night at McGinnleys whom I have chatted with on and off for the last couple of months and told him about the house.   He said “New house?  You are going to need new furniture.”  Turns out he works at Treeform, a good furniture store in town (second largest and soon to be the largest, specializing in Amish built).  I stopped by there Saturday and he pulled me back to the “orphans” section.  I spotted a 5 piece soft leather living room couch/recliners there that I loved – he said it was returned because the buyer didn’t like how the stitching lined up from chair to chair.  Regular price $6000, I got it for $1950.  There was this rustic wood bookshelf there too that was one-third the price because it has a bit of a wobble (I got a $5 pad that will take care of that).  All and all, $8500 worth of furniture delivered for under $2500.

Picked up a new TV as well, which was dropped off today and will get mounted next weekend by the Geek Squad.  Put a few pieces I should have offloaded in Kansas onto Craigslist to sell, and am waiting for some bites on those.  Went shopping for loads of stuff around the house.

Most of all, I started picking things up for the little bundle of poop coming the first week of November (that would be my puppy).  He’s got a name now,  Aughie (pronounced Aww-gee … like Doggie without the D … or Aussie with a Ga sound … already chanting Aughie Aughie Aughie, Oy Oy Oy).  I am going to Kennel train him, which means when I am at work he hangs out in a kennel … also known as “The Aughie Dome, One pup enters, One pup leaves”.  But I want to have the house in order for when he arrives.  In part because I don’t know if he will tear things apart lying about – but more so I just want to impress him.  I am reminded of a Simpsons episode where they got a new dog, and Homer wore a tie to impress the dog … that’s kinda what I am feeling like.

Anyway thats it … kind of a rambling blog tonight, but I’m tired and am ready to go to bed.  Night y’all.


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