Enter the Bear Den


This morning, the great transition of moving into my home turned up a few notches.  The movers arrived to unload the stuff that was packed up in Kansas way back on August 2nd.  For the most part, they have left me to unpack everything, but it was good to actually start spending time in my new house and see what is ahead of me.  Like any time in a new house, I went through and looked for any goodies left behind (of note: a V-8 Engine Block and a Transmission) and start looking for the work that is needed to make it better.  Then I also spent WAY too much money on things today that I think I need — like, nearly a paycheck of money today alone (of course, most of that was one thing, but still).  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have three things accomplished:
1) Paint the bedroom – it’s a nice lavender color, but  … dude … I’m a guy.  I ain’t gonna be sleeping in no lavender bedroom.
2) Set up the bed & bedroom.  I want to be “living” in house by Monday.
3) Take pictures so y’all can see the place.

Secondary Goals:
4) Find the color for the paint for hallway, cause it needs some touching up, and to put on a whole new coat (or new color) would mean painting half the house, including the vaulted ceiling.
5) Set up “Aughie Dome – one dog enters, one dog leaves” …  That would be the kennel where my new puppy will whine continuously because I left him alone all day.
6) Launder all clothing
7) Wash every dish
8) Figure out how I am going to make up the “Brad Barnes Throwdown Emporium” (aka Guest Bedroom)
9) Take pictures of everything that goes up on sale on Craiglist
10) Put all the crap that I shouldn’t have brought with me to Alaska on Craigslist

But I am in, and that’s what is important for now.

Tonight I am sleeping in the apartment, mostly so I can waddle down to the bar tonight, then stumble back without having to get a taxi to the southside.

Tomorrow I get to work on the stuff that needs to be done, and if I regain whatever crazy work habits I got when I cleared out my Kansas house I shouldn’t be that bad off.



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