Winter hasn’t Won Yet


Winter isn’t here yet, but its advance team is definitely in town.  Saturday, I had a loaded day of errands to run.  Many had certain appointments, spaced just wide enough that I had to kill time in between each one – so gaps were filled with hikes & geocaches.  In the early afternoon, flakes were starting to move in.  During that time I was on the east side near the Mountain View neighborhood and knowing that it was a bit cooler and a bit more snow likely up there I took that as the source.  As the day continued, there was more and more, and it was getting time for me to head down to the southside.  By late afternoon, it stopped being a nice dusting, and started become a good snowfall.

To be honest, it was one of those snowfalls you don’t mind, and maybe even like.  It was thick, fluffy, and sticking to everything.  There was a consistent layer of it all on all surfaces.  There wasn’t patches of piles, no ice patches, no heavy winds blinding you — it was just the nice coverage you think about when you think of Christmas.

For most of the morning on Sunday, the snow stood its ground – but failed to keep as the day’s sun came out.  The snow in the mountains may stick it out now (the termination dust on the peaks last month we were expecting to stick through the winter fell victim to the heavy rains of the last couple weeks), but it was pretty clear this stuff wasn’t going to stay.  We think there will be a few more flurries this early part of this week, but colder temps later in the week may make that stuff a bit more permanent.

In some ways, I am ready for it, some ways not.  Those errands I ran — a coat that can stand the cold more than the wet and snow tires (I went for the regular snow tires, not convinced the need of studs).  I also picked up the payment I make tomorrow to close on my house.  But this cold that comes later this week?  That’s about when the movers show up to move me into the house.

So as much as I liked the snow on Saturday, I could take the snow holding off just a little longer.



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