The Move, The Test


If you were a subscriber to the bear feed for longer than a week, one of two things will be in your inbox this morning:

1) You will get this post (and maybe the other more recent ones from this same website)
2) You will get this post and another post from the old website saying that you won’t see this in the morning.

I never really was happy with my old blog site, it was nice and all  – and it got the job done – but I couldn’t really play with it.  What kept me there was because I thought moving it would be a pain.

Turns out it wasn’t.

Changing the subscriber list was just putting a new web address into a box.  Moving the posts was downloading an export file, then importing the file.  While I made it sound at work that the whole of dealing with the blog took the whole weekend, I maybe spent 30 minutes on it (and most of that was multitasking during uploads and downloads).

I will get to play with this site more too — web galleries, cool logos, cooler looking bunny counts, archives, links, referrals.  I have plans for all that, and a FAQ (more of a ‘what the heck is he talking about’ section), and random stupid polls (Salmon & Chips – wrong or right?) , and I dream of a box with a squirrel you get to tell what to do and it has to listen to you (oh such a great fantasy).

If you do have an e-mail subscription, you should be unaffected – meaning you don’t have to do jack squat and keep the bear feed coming.  But I would highly recommend you get a free subscription to the Word Press and follow me.  Word Press is full of great blogs and other things.  Plus the email will just be posts and not the other cool stuff.  They are pretty spam free, and I did mention it is free free.

Anyway, that’s all I have for tonight.

That and Jeremy Phillips showed his true womanhood by answering correctly last night’s question … yes the reference was to Gilmore Girls.


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