Oy, With the Puddles Already


Before moving up here, all people wanted to warn me about back in Kansas was cold.  “You know it gets cold up there” is something I heard so many times that I just wanted to yell “Holy Crap!!!!  You’re right, I didn’t think about that, I better stay here where a coolest here in August is 107°.”  I knew about the snow.  I knew about the cold.  I was ready for all of it, and still am when it gets here.

I wasn’t ready for the rain.

It rains here, like, all the time … almost.  I don’t think I have seen in my 70 days up here when the skies were completely blue.  There always seems to have been a cloud at one time or another, which is alright if those clouds kept to themselves.  It seems like the rain has been coming and coming and coming and coming.

This is the rainy season here, and this rainy season is a little more rain then normal.  On average, half of the days of August & September see measurable rainfall.  That’s real science telling me that folks, according to climatezone.com the average days in the Month of August , September, and October seeing 0.01″ of rain or more is 14, 14, and 12 respectfully.  But in actuality its worse than that this year, with 14 days in August, 21 days of rain in September, and we already have had 4 of the 8 days of October.  Typically in that time frame, Anchorage gets about 5 inches of rain; we’ve had 9 inches.  That’s 30% more rain than Wichita got in that same timeframe, and if you remove that crazy day in late August, Kansas saw only a third of the rain Anchorage has in the last 70 days.

I’m griping about this today because, it was actually quite nice out today — from about 9am until 4pm — or more directly from an hour before I went to work until an hour after I left work.  It’s supposed to stay nice through Thursday, then the rains will return just in time for the weekend.  It shouldn’t be so bad though – but when I go into the woods its like everything I touch turns my clothes into a wet rag.  Takes a bit of the fun out of hiking.

But I guess I shouldn’t complain.  I am just a week away from closing on my new house, a couple weeks away from visiting family in Lake Geneva, and just a month away from full fledged winter.


Side bar time:

  1. You can call this the official test post.  I believe I moved all subscribers over to the new site, so I am not posting on the old one just to see if this goes through on the subscription.  But I recommend y’all start up an account on Word Press, and all you have to do is punch the “Follow This” button at the top.  There are alot of cool blogs on this site worth following.
  2. I will give extra cookies for the people who get the reference in the title of this post.  One word was changed, but is a critical line from a show I hate to admit that I really liked.

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