Everyone Sing Along, On Keys!!


Unless you are from the west coast, Alaska, or Hawaii, by the time you read this it will be my Dad’s birthday.  If you know him, feel free to spam him with loads of Happy Birthdays.  He is quite legendary in the Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin (53821) area for his Birthdays … typically sung on keys (literally) … though he is less likely to be confused as a good singer than if Roseanne Barr sang the national anthem again.

To celebrate, I am going to set up my internet, home phone, find a kick-ass deal for a home theater, and price winter tires — of course, its all for me, but so not the point.  I sent him a card, which is usually the least I can do … no  … really … it is absolutely the LEAST I can do … but that of course will arrive late because it takes a while for the dog sleds to get mail to the lower 48 (at least that is the excuse I tell bill collectors).   I you think I should do more for him, then my response would be “Didn’t you see me ask y’all to spam him a Happy Birthday above?  Jeesh!!!”

Anyway, Happy Birthday Dad.  Spend it doing, whatever a retired Tech Ed teacher does in October in Wisconsin.


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