Crestway Listed


Today, another big page got turned in this great transition.  My house at 529 N Crestway Street (Wichita, Kansas … 67208) officially was listed as “for sale”.

The day I accepted the position to move to Alaska, one of the first bits of panic in my head was “how the heck am I going to get the house ready for sale.”  Over the five weeks from when I accepted the offer until I got on the plane for Anchorage, I busted my tail doing whatever I could.  Nearly every room got a new coat of paint, I de-forested the backyard, I gutted the basement, and I panicked, panicked, panicked.

Truth is, the house was not in good shape.  It’s an old house (84 years old to be exact) and it fought alot of the old house problems Wichita   fights.  The basement was cracked, the garage was less of a garage and more of a shed, and modern technology was an after thought (modern technology like … electricity).  I didn’t take great care of it either, as proven by the nearly 10 cubic feet of trash, drywall, furniture I got hauled off.

When I finally left town, there was still loads to do — Basement guys were still weeks away and had some exterior work coming from a different contractor.  Not to mention there was a two page list of little things to be done as well as carpets and floors to be transformed.  Little things … if you didn’t live 3500 miles away.

Enter Pam Peterson … realtor Pam Peterson.

Pam and her husband sold me the house back in 2001.  During the early days of the relocation in July, she just happened to be brought in for a sales estimate for the relocation firm.  The relocation firm made the decision to leave me to sell the house on my own – I asked Pam to sell the house.  Pam (a realtor for Coldwell Banker) took over helping me manage the repairs from the day I left town.  She brought in a handyman, refereed me to good basement people, and took care of the little things that happen that needed to be taken care of.  I basically made her work for every penny of commission she will get out of this sale.

So if you are looking to sell a house in Kansas, contact Pam … she’s a good’un.

If you are looking to buy a house in Kansas, contact Pam … then buy mine, damn it.

**Special Blog Announcement — The Blog will be moving in the coming days.  I already have the site and just need to get it set up before I give up on this one.  But check out the bare bones blog to be already at:

And if you have a Word Press account, you can start following it immediately.


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