October Bunny Count


Still proud to steal Bunny Counts from Amy Fletcher.   Data is specific to October, and “Total” means since moving to Alaska.

Bunnies: 1
Moose: 6 (9 total)
Bears: 0 … grrrr  (3 total)
Surprisingly Brave Squirrels: 2 (3 total … 4 if you include the one in German in June)
Butt Sniffing Dogs: More than worth counting

Miles Hiked: 58.72
“Top Trails Near Anchorage” Hiked Complete: 2 (Dew Pond Creek & Flattop)
Times Ass Got Kicked by Trainer: 3

Days in Alaska: 24
Days in Texas: 4
Days in Louisiana: 2
CSJA Judges Met in Person in the French Quarter: 5
Cell phones lost in French Quarter: 1
Number of Shots wished not to have drunk, that can be remembered: 5

Number of times at Irish Pub: 3
Number of times called a regular at Irish Pub: 2

Geocaches found: 73
Alaska’s Rank in ‘Geocache Finds per State’: 6th
Places moved up since last bunny count: 1 (in your face, Texas)
Places moved up since moving to Alaska: 14
Alaska Caches needed to pass Kansas: 2352

Times killed by Bears, Moose, Flattops, Trainer, French Quarter Locals, Irish Pub Bouncers, or Texas:  0


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