A Bit of Blog Buisness


As an FYI — In the coming weeks, the Bear Feed will be moving to a different host.  I hadn’t been real happy about the current host, but been making due.  This week (and this is why things have been quiet from me), the blog was mistakenly shut down when the website through I was using it for spam; and they suspended my main account as well.  So I ended up having to backdoor a complaint for them to do something about it.  Last straw.

As part of my search for a new blog, I am looking for something that is as easy as possible for you readers.  I am happy to say I have 30+ subscribers from all over the place; and whether you like it or not … I want to keep you reading.  So when the time comes, I will give detail instructions (so good even my dad may be able to follow them) on making sure the blog keeps going.


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