Indian Summer Past


I remember that “Indian Summer” of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Those days where it was warm enough to go without a jacket, but sometimes it was a bit wet and a bit chilly.  Sometimes you get those great days as late as October or November.  Even in Kansas, it was kinda warm in December.

Well, goodbye Indian Summer in Alaska – we are in full fledged Autumn.

The last few days are wet here, and a bit cold.  Gone are the days when the morning dew covered the windows of the car, and now its just wet wet – no dew required.

The days are of course shorter now.  We past the “12 hour” mark yesterday, the sun is now down more than it is up – and that means in 45 days the days are 6 hours shorter than when I first got here.

Leaves have turned colors.  So many aspens here that there is brilliant yellows everywhere.  With luck, I can sneak out of town and up the mat-su valley this weekend where some folks are telling me there are “must see” forests.

But what is definitely true is summer is over, heck Indian summer is over.  So while my focus will be getting one last great view of the autumn days – it will also be critical that I buy myself a good winter jacket and boots this weekend too.


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