Huddled In


Been a quiet weekend for me for a number of reasons.

My impending trip leaving tonight (six hours to be exact) hovers over my plans — something I have to get used to is not leaving in the morning for a trip, and actually having a day to do things.  Though it doesn’t do much to mess with this weekend, just dictates my scheduling.

The weather hasn’t been too cooperative either.  Rain came again mid-week and brought with it 100mph winds last night – seems like less damage than a couple weeks ago, but still reports of power.  It did cancel a couple of geocaching events this morning, so instead I ducked out for a couple to keep an “find one every day” thing going.  (For those of you keeping count, or caring, Alaska past Texas for 6th for my total finds per state — have a good 30 or so to pass California; and Texas could make a comeback this week).

Really what has had me huddled in was two things:

First, I had my second workout yesterday morning with a trainer, who continues to kick my tail.  I’ve been sore in someplace since Wednesday (my first workout with him) and I finish this I probably will hit the gym to do a session by myself before I leave town.  I have no issues with being exhausted on a plane, it works in my favor when its a seven hour flight.

But honestly, it was a really late night at McGinley’s Pub on Friday night that probably made me pretty lazy.  I’ve been going there Friday nights, just for something to do, listen to some live music, and grab a bite to eat.  Friday was made a bit nicer right from the get go.  I arrived to find the place packed with no place to sit, and the big-ass bouncer struck up a conversation when I walked in, telling me what to expect for crowds as the tourists start to leave, and went as far as lumping me as a regular.  Halfway through the chat, the bartender waved and raised a glass filled with Smithwicks (something I’d been leaning too); I nodded my head and she left it there on the bar for me … hell, she poured it for me so I would have it without asking.  Needless to stay, I felt welcome enough to let them keep pouring – even with the morning at the gym nagging at me the whole night.

In a way, you could say I didn’t do much, and I really didn’t, that’s fine … its good to have a boring weekend every once in a while.


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